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Statistics reveal that winter months are the most prevalent for burglaries in the UK

To coincide with October’s National Home Security Month, the inventor behind the revolutionary GlazeAlarm® and the team are doing their utmost to raise awareness for home security.

Last year saw over 400,000 burglaries, with the majority of incidents taking place between the months of October and January.

There are many reasons why this type of crime increases in the winter months, not only are daylight hours limited, but with Bonfire Night, Halloween and the Christmas holiday, there are predictable times when many of us leave our homes empty.

GlazeAlarm is on a mission to tackle issues of home security, with the invention of an alarm designed to alert homeowners of a potential break-in via their smartphone or tablet, before the intruder actually enters the property. The GlazeAlarm sensor is built into a double or triple-glazed unit at the point of manufacture and offers users peace of mind that their property is secure. In the event of a breakage, a local alarm is triggered immediately and the user is notified wherever they may be.

Ian Branagan, CEO of Armco Key Security Limited, the team behind the innovative GlazeAlarm® product, comments: “It is astonishing to hear that there were over 400,000 burglaries last year. Your home is where you need to feel the safest and it’s concerning to hear that so many people fall victim to burglaries.

“You don’t just lose possessions you can also lose a sense of security, knowing that a stranger has invaded your private space where your family live and sleep. We feel that GlazeAlarm could play a significant role in deterring intruders.

“We invented GlazeAlarm to be used in both residential and commercial premises as a preventative measure. It is the most robust and tamper-proof glass-break security solution available today that allows users to manage the safety and security of their properties remotely.”

The GlazeAlarm product has recently been showcased at the world-renowned Glasstec trade fair for glass production, processing and products, and gained a lot of interest from potential investors and partners.

adminStatistics reveal that winter months are the most prevalent for burglaries in the UK
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